General Information

School Information:

Davenport High School

Address: 4525 CR 547 North, Davenport, FL
Phone: 863-417-6700
Fax: 863-424-5598

Grade: 9 – 12
Student Records Email: [email protected]

About DHS:

Here at Davenport High School we are
committed to teaching students the skills
needed to achieve academic success as well as
opportunities to showcase talents.

Bell Schedule:

Student Late Bell: 7:00a
Student Dismissal: 2:00p

Office Hours: 6:30a-3:00p


Davenport High School Exterior with Blue Skies

Davenport High School was established in 2021, being the newest high school made in over fifteen years in Polk County. Its located in Davenport just North of CR 547. Students attend 7 classes per day. Core courses consist of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. We also offer four Academy Umbrellas.

Our Academies include: Academy of Fine Arts (performing & visual), Academy of Hospitality and Marketing (culinary, hospitality & tourism, and design), Academy of Leadership, Technology & Agriscience (modeling and simulation, agriscience foundations, and leadership), and the Freshman Academy (leadership development skills and JROTC).

Davenport High School offers a variety of programs and activities for students. These include sports and clubs to enrich our student high school experience. Participating in different activities is a privilege and our adult sponsors will maintain the highest discipline and academic standards for our students to participate. 


Every student supported. Every student challenged. Every
student ready.

Davenport High School promotes a safe and orderly environment for
students through supervision and proactive approaches. Students will exhibit
strong ethics and great character in challenging situations. The ability to
read, write, and communicate effectively, are at the foundation of the
Davenport High School academic core. Students are given opportunities to
go beyond and engage in academic opportunities that range from real world
hands on experiences, extra and co-curricular activities with dynamic arts to
post-secondary college coursework learning. In the 21st century world,
knowledge is power. Davenport High School uses every resource to help our
most important investment, our students, to be real world ready post-
graduation through real world and progressive learning.


The Davenport High School community will prepare each
student to be competitive and contributing members of
society through personal growth in an innovative,
intellectually rich, and diverse setting.